Celebrating Success

Owning a small business is a lot of fun and imagination, but not without hard work, dedication and persistence.
Before our first pop-up event in July 2017, Justin and I got butterflies in our stomachs as it would be the first time for us to display our products. I remember secretly hoping that we would at least get our families to come. We were so happy to see all of our friends and family show up including some people that found us on Instagram! This past week, we finished our third event in a one month timeframe, during which most of our clientele were completely new customers!
I made a goal a few months ago to book 2 vendor/popup events a month and was blessed to reach that goal 2 months in a row! It left me a little burnt out and since I’m a goal oriented person, I tend to concentrate on finishing the “big” goal, forgetting to celebrate the “little” intermediate successes. After I reach a goal, I subconsciously try to add a new goal to my list, taking away my opportunity to savor the moment at all!
The other day I came across these first two photos that Justin and I took of our first mock display to submit with an application to a big fancy craft fair. It literally made me laugh when I found it and it still makes me laugh when I look at it because the display is so small and it’s just not how I would display anything today (feature photo and last photo below are how today’s display looks). Finding these photos helped me reflect on how far we have come and how much we have learned since then. It also made me happy and smile. I’m sure that we all can relate to getting so caught up in the big picture that we forget to savor the little details that make the picture so sweet and charming!
Don’t forget to celebrate your progress, the learning experiences and just the friggin’courage to pursue your goals. Not everyone’s goals look the same and that’s what makes life fun! We all start as beginners. Remember that everything you have now was at one point in your life a wish or prayer. You’re doing great!!!! <3