Our Story

In the spring of 2016 Leonie enrolled in sewing classes to revisit an old hobby while also gaining more experience sewing with a machine. Later that same year she enrolled in a Children’s Yoga Teacher program and fell in love with the Restorative Yoga portion of the class. She sewed eye pillows for each of her classmates and was surprised by the interest she received from them. She started selling her eye pillows that fall and by the end of the year, she had already sold more than 50 eye pillows.

Justin’s love of photography and tech was the perfect complement to the Leonie Lemon vision! After a few months of sending customers picture texts of products, Leonie thought it was only a matter of time to create something more official, like a website! Since Leonie was not much of a tech person (she spent her early childhood years thinking everyone had only 8 channels on TV!), she asked Justin if he could take some fancy photos and collaborate on a website. The website and photography are a combination of Justin’s very detailed eye and Leonie’s vision to create something clean and minimal.

Leonie Lemon is the lovechild of husband and wife, Justin and Leonie. Leonie Lemon’s focus is enhancing the self-care experience with the use of hand-sewn relaxation tools. Leonie is the seamstress and designer while Justin is the creative behind the camera and all things tech related. While remaining focused on relaxation tools, Leonie Lemon has since expanded their offerings to include products that encourage the reduction of waste as well as living more sustainable and clean lives. As they continue down the journey toward living minimal and more fulfilling lives, they hope to inspire others to live with more intention.

About the Makers

Leonie has always admired homemade products and enjoyed sewing. Spending a lot of her childhood without cable TV at the house of her aunts and grandma, Leonie found entertainment in watching and learning as her aunts sewed a multitude of things ranging from teddy bear and human clothes to car seat and table covers! They made everything around their home and this always inspired Leonie. To this day, the sound of a sewing machine makes her light up with childlike wonder and the first thought that comes to her mind is: “Ooooohhh, what could they be making!?”

Justin loves technology. With a curiosity to understand all things tech and an affinity to solve problems, every new gadget easily becomes an enigma to obsess over. Requiring an understanding of technology and physics along with psychology and perspective, photography has kept Justin’s curiosity at bay since 2010 (for the most part). With every shot taken for the website, Justin takes extreme care in doing it the correct way, rather than the convenient way and we hope that it shows.