Leonie Lemon’s Practical Gift Guide!

December, am I right? We don’t know about you, but every year seems to fly by faster than the last! As much as we say we are going to start shopping for holiday gifts in October, we still always start at the beginning of December. When will we learn!?!?

Shopping has been different for us ever since Leonie read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The idea of being happy with less changed our lives and has inspired us sooo much. Living with less and being happy about it is what led Leonie to create products that promote *joy and happiness* through self-care, wellness and sustainability! We came up with some neat practical gift ideas that we think your special someone will enjoy for many years! Keep reading to see what we recommend and why we chose it!

  1. Sweet Treats! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, are we even really friends? JK! But if you do, we know some pretty sweet spots that will hit your sweet spot (you see what we did there?) Cupcakes/Cakes from Wednesday Cake Co. or Cookies from Sweet Chantilly by Joyce (Check IG: @sweetchantillybyjoyce). We ordered cupcakes from Wednesday Cake for our wedding (#noregrets) and Leonie has been eating cookies by Sweet Chantilly since she was a kid and every year they get better than the last. If you want to woo that special someone, GET THEM THESE SWEET TREATS LIKE NOW!!!!
  2. Ligaya Eye Pillow from Leonie Lemon because relaxation, duh! Ligaya Eye Pillows aren’t just for your eyes. They can also be heated using your microwave and placed over stiff muscles. Hey, why not put a warm eye pillow in your sweater for those blistering cold San Diego nights! They’re an all purpose type of gift. Don’t you want to relax more in 2019, anyways?
  3. Plants! Help your friend breath well with an air-cleaning plant! Your loved one will have to water/mist this plant every single week which will make him/her think of you every time he/she does so! 😉
  4. Reusable Tumbler/Water-Bottle There are so many cute ones and you won’t be contributing to landfill! Mother Earth will be one happy little lady! Leonie has been using this one for years and loves that the water always tastes crisp. It’s also safe to add doTERRA Essential Oils in this water bottle  because the container is glass!
  5. DIY Dry Shampoo because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that! Jk! No one says that anymore, do they? Anywho… We hooked you up with a little DIY if you scroll to the end! Label it with something cute and your friend will be so happy that you took the time (that you will never get back!) to make them something special and unique with your own bare hands!
  6. doTERRA Essential Oils are a great way to start 2019 so fresh and so clean. doTERRA is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and can be used by all ages,  genders and even pets! There are so many ways to incorporate essential oils in your life that I’m pretty sure it will blow your mind!
  7. What’s more practical than a tool? A MULTI tool! Here are two great inexpensive multi tools that are small enough to always carry with you, because you don’t ever need a tool until you are in a situation when you actually need a tool, right?! Justin recommends either a Gerber or a Leatherman… choose wisely.
  8. Audible subscription! This is the perfect gift for that multi-tasker friend. Leonie loves Audible! You can listen when you clean your house, while you’re folding laundry, while you’re taking a nice brisk walk, or when you just want to relax with your Ligaya Eye Pillow and listen to someone read to you in bed! You can gift a one month subscription for as low as $15! Check out the deals here!
  9. One of our fave sustainable finds that we personally have been using for years has been this sponge by Skoy. Not only is this sponge super sustainable (you can throw it in your washing machine so you never have to replace it!), but it’s also packaged in the USA using recycled paper and packed by people with disabilities – The Arc of San Diego!
  10. Stasher Bags! These are reusable, super nice lookin’ ziplock bags! They’re silicone, leak proof and so eco-friendly! We haven’t bought ziplocks in yeeeaaaars and you probably won’t have to anymore either! Why should you? These are so pretty and so easy to care for! You can put food in it, makeup, nuts, bolts, etc.! The possibilities are endless!

There ya have it! We just hooked you up with 10 practical, sustainable and suuupppper cool goodies that we hope will last you or your loved ones many, many years! <3

Celebrating Success

Owning a small business is a lot of fun and imagination, but not without hard work, dedication and persistence.
Before our first pop-up event in July 2017, Justin and I got butterflies in our stomachs as it would be the first time for us to display our products. I remember secretly hoping that we would at least get our families to come. We were so happy to see all of our friends and family show up including some people that found us on Instagram! This past week, we finished our third event in a one month timeframe, during which most of our clientele were completely new customers!
I made a goal a few months ago to book 2 vendor/popup events a month and was blessed to reach that goal 2 months in a row! It left me a little burnt out and since I’m a goal oriented person, I tend to concentrate on finishing the “big” goal, forgetting to celebrate the “little” intermediate successes. After I reach a goal, I subconsciously try to add a new goal to my list, taking away my opportunity to savor the moment at all!
The other day I came across these first two photos that Justin and I took of our first mock display to submit with an application to a big fancy craft fair. It literally made me laugh when I found it and it still makes me laugh when I look at it because the display is so small and it’s just not how I would display anything today (feature photo and last photo below are how today’s display looks). Finding these photos helped me reflect on how far we have come and how much we have learned since then. It also made me happy and smile. I’m sure that we all can relate to getting so caught up in the big picture that we forget to savor the little details that make the picture so sweet and charming!
Don’t forget to celebrate your progress, the learning experiences and just the friggin’courage to pursue your goals. Not everyone’s goals look the same and that’s what makes life fun! We all start as beginners. Remember that everything you have now was at one point in your life a wish or prayer. You’re doing great!!!! <3

Leonie Lemon Featured!

For those that don’t know, Leonie Lemon owes a lot of what we’ve achieved to the wonderful programs offered by the San Diego Continuing Education program. Leonie has enrolled in numerous courses, most notably the sewing courses. After completing the sewing fundamentals program, Leonie continued to take sewing courses. During a recent class session, Leonie was asked to be featured in a spotlight article on the San Diego Community College District’s website. Click the link below to read the article!

Leonie Lemon featured on SDCE website!

Our Story

In the spring of 2016 Leonie enrolled in sewing classes to revisit an old hobby while also gaining more experience sewing with a machine. Later that same year she enrolled in a Children’s Yoga Teacher program and fell in love with the Restorative Yoga portion of the class. She sewed eye pillows for each of her classmates and was surprised by the interest she received from them. She started selling her eye pillows that fall and by the end of the year, she had already sold more than 50 eye pillows.

Justin’s love of photography and tech was the perfect complement to the Leonie Lemon vision! After a few months of sending customers picture texts of products, Leonie thought it was only a matter of time to create something more official, like a website! Since Leonie was not much of a tech person (she spent her early childhood years thinking everyone had only 8 channels on TV!), she asked Justin if he could take some fancy photos and collaborate on a website. The website and photography are a combination of Justin’s very detailed eye and Leonie’s vision to create something clean and minimal.

Leonie Lemon is the lovechild of husband and wife, Justin and Leonie. Leonie Lemon’s focus is enhancing the self-care experience with the use of hand-sewn relaxation tools. Leonie is the seamstress and designer while Justin is the creative behind the camera and all things tech related. While remaining focused on relaxation tools, Leonie Lemon has since expanded their offerings to include products that encourage the reduction of waste as well as living more sustainable and clean lives. As they continue down the journey toward living minimal and more fulfilling lives, they hope to inspire others to live with more intention.

About the Makers

Leonie has always admired homemade products and enjoyed sewing. Spending a lot of her childhood without cable TV at the house of her aunts and grandma, Leonie found entertainment in watching and learning as her aunts sewed a multitude of things ranging from teddy bear and human clothes to car seat and table covers! They made everything around their home and this always inspired Leonie. To this day, the sound of a sewing machine makes her light up with childlike wonder and the first thought that comes to her mind is: “Ooooohhh, what could they be making!?”

Justin loves technology. With a curiosity to understand all things tech and an affinity to solve problems, every new gadget easily becomes an enigma to obsess over. Requiring an understanding of technology and physics along with psychology and perspective, photography has kept Justin’s curiosity at bay since 2010 (for the most part). With every shot taken for the website, Justin takes extreme care in doing it the correct way, rather than the convenient way and we hope that it shows.